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Animal Husbandry

Here at Roos2u, our #1 priority is the safety and well-being of our animals. Through our many animal husbandry practices, we strive to keep everyone not only healthy, but happy as well. It all begins with cleanliness. Regardless of whether we have visitors, the entire facility is cleaned from top to bottom each day. This ensures that they have plenty of clean grass to graze on and also controls bacteria, parasites and insects. 

Mental stimulation and enrichment is a very important goal that we seek with our animals. Surprising them with different toys and treats is just one way we keep them stimulated. The most important, and effective, source is through interaction. We make sure to take breaks throughout the work day to show some love to all of our critters! 

We also understand that interaction can't come from just humans. That's why we strive to keep a large and healthy "mob" - the social structure of macropods. Having a functioning mob allows kangaroos and wallabies to rely on one another for support, bonding and of course breeding. 

Although our animals love interacting with humans, we give them the choice to whether or not they do that. We do not train them to perform tricks or to approach humans against their will. That's why visitors are told to keep half of each enclosure a "safe zone", so our animals do not feel cornered. 

Each joey is personally hand raised from an early age. This allows us to bond with him/her and gain trust that will prove to be invaluable in the long run. We want animals that not only love us as much as we love them, but will also look to us for safety or reassurance. Even as adults, our kangaroos and wallabies receive daily bottles. This continues to reinforce that bond, while ensuring a quick and stress-free means of giving medication when necessary. 

And that is just everything in a nutshell! We teach our visitors even more during our tours and encourage them to ask any and all questions along the way. Want to learn even more? Roos2u is always welcome to volunteers

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