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Questions & Answers

An ilustration showing the size difference between a kangaroo and wallaby

What is the difference between a wallaby and a kangaroo?

Both kangaroos and wallabies are Macropods "Big Foot". The main difference between a kangaroo and a wallaby is size, otherwise, they are quite similar. Kangaroo legs are wide apart while wallaby legs are compact. Kangaroos are "built for speed". Wallabies are "built for agility".

Do they make good pets?

Kangaroos and Wallabies do NOT make good pets. Roos2u is licensed by the USDA. As exotic animals, they require special nutrition and medical care and specific housing needs. This is just to name a few; during your visit you will learn much more on this topic.

What is a sugar glider?

The sugar glider (Petaurus breviceps) is a small, omnivorous marsupial native to Australia, Tasmania, Indonesia and New Guinea. Sugar Gliders can glide up to 150 feet. 

Do you accept walk-ins?

What makes Roos2u so special is that all visits are private tours, by reservation only. You and your group will enjoy the exclusivity of being the only people at the ranch. Booking is fast and easy!

An illustraton of a sugar glide

What should I expect when I visit Roos2u?

Our "Roo Ranch" visit is a 45-minute behind-the-scenes experience where you See, Interact and Learn. You will join the animals in their habitat, enjoy one-on-one interaction and discover what makes these animals so fascinating. We do not teach our animal "tricks". They are permitted to come and go as they wish. Each visit can vary based on their desires at that time.

Some examples of what visitors have enjoyed:

  • Bottle-feeding

  • Petting

  • Viewing a joey in the pouch stage

  • Great Photo Ops

  • Holding a Joey


And much more!

How many visitors can I bring with me?

Depending on the package, we allow up to 12 visitors with options available for larger groups. Feel free to contact us for more information. 

Is there an age limit?

While there is no age limit for our visitors, we do ask that children are accompanied by an adult during the entire event. Children below 2 years do not count towards your group count .

What should I wear?

This is not a zoo visit, you actually get to go inside each habitat where the animals live! So, dress comfortably with appropriate shoes. Although cleanliness is a priority here, remember you will be behind the scenes!

Can I bring food to feed to the animals?

While we appreciate the thought, we will provide all the treats for your visit. The diet of a macropod is very specific and the health of our animals is our #1 priority.

What should I expect when Roos2u visits me? 

Visits can be structured and educational or just plain fun! Check out our "Joey Meet and Greet" package for more information or contact us with any questions.

How much does it cost?

Rates start at $180. All prices are per GROUP, not per person. Refer to packages and rates for more information.

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