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Anyone who has ever cared for animals, especially exotic, knows that it is a 24/7 job. Here at Roos2u, it is not only our responsibility to feed our animals and keep their homes clean. We also strive to keep them healthy AND happy through enrichment, interaction and stimuli. Our animals are our family, and that is why they receive the special care we give. Although the work is hard and takes much patience, it is still a rewarding experience to see our animals happy in the end.

We are looking for volunteers, but not to just help out. We want to share this experience with you! Whether you wish to gain experience in animal care or just want to do something unique, perhaps this is the opportunity for you! This is not like volunteering at the zoo. You get to work behind the scenes, right alongside kangaroos and wallabies!

Who We are Looking For:

  • People who are passionate about CARING FOR animals, not just working with them

  • Animal lovers who are patient and gentle with all animals

  • Reliable individuals who can show up on time and ready to work hard

  • Trustworthy volunteers who understand how special these animals are to us


  • Ability to lift 50lbs or more

  • Commitment to shifts at least an hour long

  • Work in all weather conditions

  • Must have own means of transportation

  • Must pass a criminal background check

  • Prior experience with animal care is always a plus!


  • Mucking (removal of all fecal matter)

  • Cleaning and sanitizing barns and hutches

  • Creating enrichment opportunities

  • Distributing feed

  • Basic maintenance of facility


  • Learn about caring for exotic animals in a safe and friendly hands-on environment

  • Interact and develop a relationship with some of the most unique animals on earth

  • Once you have reached a total of 40 volunteer hours, feel free to bring your own guests over for a visit, free of charge

a red kangaroo standing next to his keepers rake

Think this is the opportunity for you? Awesome! Click the link below to send us an email with your inquiry and a little about yourself and you will receive an application. We look forward to meeting you!

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