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Educational Outreach Programs

Roo School

Here at Roos2u, our passion is all things ROO and our goal is to share that passion with you! While nature documentaries are highly educational, seeing an exotic animal in person is a truly unique opportunity that we feel all students should experience. Roos2u not only has a flexible schedule for school days, but we also cater to your educational needs personally.

When it comes to unique exotic animals like the kangaroo, there is no end to what your students can learn! Specific topics can include: conservation status and efforts, biology, the life cycle, their behavior and unique habits. Have anything specific that you want your students to take away from our visit? No problem! We will cater our curriculum to you and make your students walk away with a highly educational experience they will never forget! 

We also have additional animal ambassadors available at your request - flemish giant rabbits, sugar gliders and much more! Be sure to ask which animals are available when you book and keep in mind that there will be an additional fee for each ambassador you add to your event. 

Provided below is a general description of what we can offer different classroom environments:

Public Schools

No need to plan a field trip, we will come to you! Along with our friendly and adorable animal ambassadors, Roos2u will bring a fun, educational curriculum to the comfort of your classroom. Just looking for plain fun? We are also available for special school events like field days!


Our Educational Outreach Programs start at $275* Please contact us for specifics regarding: full pricing, animal ambassadors available, scheduling and of course customizing your curriculum! We look forward to meeting you and your students!

*A fuel charge will be applied to events that exceed 50 miles travel

Usuaable photo Daisy Troop.jpg

Private/Home Schools

Aside from a visit from us, private and home schools can also choose to come visit the Roos2u facility! Give your students a hands-on, educational experience that extends outside the classroom. Meet all of our unique critters and learn all about them!

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