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Package Add-ons

Roos2u is not just limited to kangaroos and wallabies, we've got all kinds of critters! Beyond our mob, our family includes two of the most unique, palm-sized companions: Sugar Gliders and Degus. With these package add-ons, you and your group will get to meet and interact with these adorable little creatures! Scroll down to learn more about the add-ons and these unique animal ambassadors. Please keep in mind that, for the safety of our animals, these package add-ons are weather-permitted. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

"Not flying squirrels, but...

Sugar Gliders! Get to know one of the most unique critters out there with this package add-on. After meeting our marsupials that love to hop, meet the ones that love to glide! You will learn all about what makes them unique, how we care for them and of course how soft their fur is. Along with that, visitors have also enjoyed letting them climb on their shoulders, feeding treats and even watching them glide! This add-on can be structured and educational or just plain fun. Contact us with any questions!

Fun fact: Did you know that Sugar Gliders got their name because of their preference for sugary foods like tree sap and nectar?

30 minute add-on: $100*

Interested in this add-on? Just let us know you'd like to meet our Sugar Gliders when booking the following packages:

A Sugar Glider resting in his owners hands.

Sweet, Intelligent and Social...


Degus! Hailing from central Chile, Degus are one of the oldest-known rodents in the world! They are extremely social and are known to live in groups counting up to 100! Because of their intelligence and social behavior, they are known to make excellent pets too!

This add-on is your chance to meet these incredible rodents! Visitors have enjoyed holding them in the palm of their hands, interacting with them and feeding them treats. You won't want to let them go!

Fun fact: Degus have been known to display impressive problem- solving skills, including using a small rake to retrieve treats under a barrier!

30 minute add-on: $30*

Interested in this add-on? Just let us know you'd like to meet our Degus when booking the following packages:

*Military discounts available

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