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Twilight Tours

"...where the real fun is!"

Did you know that kangaroos and wallabies are even more active in the early evening? That's why we highly recommend these "twilight" hours for your visits: you get to skip the summer heat, see our roos when their personalities shine and catch a great view of the sunset! 

Sounds pretty great, huh? You can book "twilight tours" for any of our packages that take place at our facility (Meet the Mob, Koffee with a Kangaroo and Educational Outreach Programs). Depending on the time of the year and what time the sun sets, we will be sure to plan your visit accordingly so you get the full experience before it gets too dark. 

There is no extra cost for these hours and no extra steps needed at booking! When you book one of the following visits below, just let us know you would like it to be a Twilight Tour:

A group of wallabies eating a branch
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