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March 14, 2018

Meet Diego, Roos2u's first Degu! Pretty cute huh? If you have never heard of a Degu, they are a rodent species that is mainly found in Chile. In fact, they are among the oldest-known rodents in all of South America! The Degu belongs to the Caviomorphan hystricognath fa...

January 30, 2018

Meet Bonzai, the newest addition to the Roos2u family! He is a Swamp Wallaby, a very unique and rare member of the macropod family; so rare that they are the only living species in the genus wallabia. They inhabit the east coast of Australia (Queensland, Cape York) but...

January 1, 2018

 Perhaps one of the most unique animals here at Roos2u, Danica is a Patagonian Cavy, a large rodent breed hailing from Argentina. What makes the cavy so unique? Let's start with their appearance. Cavies average at a length of 2 feet and can weigh up to 35 pounds. They...

August 7, 2017

At five years old, Boris is our oldest wallaby. Naturally, he has taken on the role of alpha male of our wallaby group - otherwise called a "mob". Essentially, this makes him the leader; the other wallabies will look to him if they sense danger, to see how he reacts. I...

August 7, 2017

Meet Junebug, our resident movie star! You've seen "The Kangaroo King" from National Geographic right? Of course you have. You watched the beginning stages of her life as "Rusty" the red kangaroo. Here's a clip! Now that she's out of the spotlight, Junebug spends her d...

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Diego - Degu (Octogon Degus)

March 14, 2018

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