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Bonzai- Swamp Wallaby (Wallabia Bicolor)

a baby male swamp wallaby

Meet Bonzai, the newest addition to the Roos2u family! He is a Swamp Wallaby, a very unique and rare member of the macropod family; so rare that they are the only living species in the genus wallabia. They inhabit the east coast of Australia (Queensland, Cape York) but, since they are browsers and tend to hide more than other macropods, they prefer to spend their time in the forested areas rather than the beaches.

So why do they call them "Swamp" wallabies? Their smell! Swamp wallabies have a very interesting scent to their fur that some describe as "swampy" or "musky". Among nicknames like black wallabies and fern wallabies, this musk has led the people of Queensland to refer to them as stinkers or black stinkers.

Another interesting characteristic of Swamp Wallabies is their personality. The best word to describe it would be mischievous. Here at Roos2u we are always entertained by their antics! They are extremely intelligent, yet loving and affectionate to fellow wallabies and humans alike.

Like other Swamp Wallabies, Bonzai loves to snuggle and be held. Sometimes he'll even jump on to your lap on his own for some bonding time! But this loving attitude doesn't just extend to us; he's already feeling at home with his fellow "stinkers" Bella and Bindi.

If you want to watch this cute little guy grow up, be sure to follow us on Instagram! We'll be updating with posts with #bonzaithewallaby.

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