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Danica - Patagonian Cavy (Dolichotis Patagonia)

A patagonian cavy looking at the camera

Perhaps one of the most unique animals here at Roos2u, Danica is a Patagonian Cavy, a large rodent breed hailing from Argentina. What makes the cavy so unique? Let's start with their appearance. Cavies average at a length of 2 feet and can weigh up to 35 pounds. They have strong hind legs with small feet that resemble hooves. Many say that they resemble a jack rabbit, while others say they look like a myriad of animals bunched into one. Which animals exactly? Well, that's for you to decide! Each visitor has told us something different!

Cavies also share many behavioral qualities with other animals. For example, they make a variety of sounds, many of which are identical with guinea pigs. They also chirp, purr and growl. Also their gait, or the pattern which their limbs move, is very similar to that of a deer or antelope while walking. However, when they're excited or happy, they will bounce like a kangaroo. See for yourself!

Cavies are monogamous, meaning that they breed for life. They are also prey animals and very protective of their mates and young. The male cavy will spend his days following his mate everywhere she goes and protecting her.

Danica is a very social cavy who loves to have her forehead scratched, along with a treat. She got her name from one of her favorite pastimes: sprinting laps around the yard. We noticed that she would only go counter-clockwise, making left turns, so we decided to name her after the famous NASCAR driver Danica Patrick.

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