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Junebug - Red Kangaroo (Macropus rufus)

photo of junebug, a female red kangaroo

Meet Junebug, our resident movie star! You've seen "The Kangaroo King" from National Geographic right? Of course you have. You watched the beginning stages of her life as "Rusty" the red kangaroo. Here's a clip! Now that she's out of the spotlight, Junebug spends her days here at Roos2u, basking in the sun with her husband Roofus and enjoying her new friends that come to "Meet the Mob". Junebug is a very outgoing roo, who's favorite thing is a scratch under the chin.

Although she is a "red" kangaroo, you may notice that Junebug has a distinct grey, almost blue color. This is very common in female red kangaroos, who are also known as "blue flyers". The average lifespan of a red kangaroo is 12-15 years. At 2.5 years old, Junebug has a long life ahead of her!

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